Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

The rapid technological advancement happening all around us has led to the evolution of all sectors and areas of business and the advertising industry is certainly not an exception to this. With time, this industry has seen the emergence of various new advertising mediums and at the same time the downfall and death of many existing ones. But all along with this, the classic Outdoor Advertising is one such medium that continues to find its relevance and significance till date.


When it comes to advertising Visibility is everything. The more the visibility of an ad, the greater would be its reach and impact on the audience and there aren’t many mediums that can compete with the visibility that the outdoor mediums are able to deliver. Factors such as the large size of billboards and hoardings, eye-level placement of Bus Queue Shelter Ads and the Frequency of Pole Kiosk ads provides these mediums with their wide Visibility.

Extended Exposure-

Traffic can be a headache for everyone, well maybe not as much for brands advertising on outdoor mediums. The strategic placement of outdoor ads on roads and crossings with increased congestion allows the ads to have an extended period of exposure. Drivers and travellers stuck in traffic view these ads multiple times and for a longer duration ensuring a better recall.


Outdoor Advertising is one medium that allows the brand to target the exact area that they wish to. You can choose the specific city, area, street and even the exact spot where you wish to display your ad. The level of geo-targeting that outdoor mediums can provide remains unmatched by any other medium.

Repeated Exposure-

Going to the same place through the same route might be monotonous and unfavourable for the passers-by but it can be extremely advantageous to the brands. Through outdoor advertising, brands can use this monotony in the lives of the passers-by to their benefit. People travelling by the same route on a routine basis get exposed to these outdoor ads again and again. This repeated exposure leads to better recall and impact on the brands.

Budget Flexibility-

The affordability of this medium is the cherry on the top. Outdoor Advertising can be as expensive or as economical as the brand wishes it to be. The innumerable options in terms of the type of medium, its location, illumination, the material of the ad display allow the brand to manage their campaign well within the budget. https://www.excellentpublicity.com/

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