How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Send/Receive error

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Send/Receive error

One of the key reasons Outlook is preferred by numerous home and professional users across the planet is its security measures. But these features which are put in place to guard your data sometimes intervene in the traditional working of the software. The essential email send-receive Outlook functionality often suffers due to security settings and protocols. Here in this post, we’ll explain the methods to resolve the Outlook Error Code.

Microsoft Outlook throws an error code 0x8004210a, which concluded in no incoming and outgoing email using the Outlook client. The issue is with the PST file, which has grown quite more than Office or Outlook can handle. The utmost limit on the PST file is 20 GB. If you’ve got tons of emails configured which uses an equivalent PST file, then you’ll get this error. we’ll show you ways you’ll fix Outlook Send/Receive error during the operation.

Outlook Error 0x8004210a

The error 0x8004210a in Microsoft Outlook is common to versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. Most typically, this error is witnessed when users attempt to send or receive emails after some internal changes are made to Outlook settings or protocols. These changes might be made automatically after certain OS upgrades or manually by inadvertent users who didn’t know what they were stepping into. Particularly concerning wrong timeout settings of the server, the important cause behind error 0x8004210a in MS-Outlook is that the incorrect handling of account settings primarily SSL layer authentication, port number, and other relevant settings.

To give a bit description of Outlook timeout settings and why they’re critical, Outlook uses a stipulated time to finish the e-mail send-receive operation. Whenever an entire email (along with attachments) can’t be sent or received within the set interval, error 0x8004210a is thrown. Now there might be quite one reason resulting in the expiry of this stipulated interval before the send-receive operation is often completed including incorrectly assigned emailing protocols, hindrance from the antivirus program, garbled firewall settings, etc. Thus, if faced with such a problem, rectifying the Outlook profile settings should be the place to begin.

Outlook error during Send/Receive operation

When the limit reaches, you’ll get a notification error message once you click on Send and Receive email or whenever it syncs.

The steps to fix outlook send/receive error:

Delete Unnecessary emails

Run Mailbox Clean up tool

Move Old Items into different PST file

Compact Outlook file

Increase Outlook PST Storage maximum size


It may not be relevant for accounts like Outlook, Live, Gmail, and anything that’s using the POP3 kind of connection. But if you’re using anything else, then you’ll use it.

1. Delete Unnecessary emails

If it’s possible, determine emails that are problematic and unnecessary.

Open Outlook, switch to the View tab

Then click on Arrange By and select attachments.

Now you would like to filter emails that aren’t necessary and delete them.

2. Run Mailbox Cleanup tool

Mail Box Cleanup Tool Outlook Error Send/Receive

Mailbox Cleanup is an inbuilt tool that may help find out large size emails easy. Click on File > Info > Mailbox Settings > Tools > Mailbox Cleanup.

Here you’ll view individual Mailbox Size, Find oldest emails, empty deleted items folder and take away all the alternate versions of email in your mailbox.

3. Move Old emails into different PST file

At an equivalent place, you’ve got another tool–Clean up old Items. It helps you progress old emails to an Outlook file. So all those extra emails are often transferred to a different PST file. It gives some breathing space for your existing PST file.

Archive old Items to Different PST Outlook Send/Receive Error

Click on Tools > clean up old emails > Then select which folder you would like to archive, set date, then set a location of the archive file or Archive PST file.

4. Compact Outlook file

Outlook reduces the dimensions of PST files by compacting it. Once you delete any email, the background process will confirm the file size of PST is additionally corrected by compacting it. You’ll also prefer to start the method manually. However, there’s a little condition. You can’t compact an Offline Outlook file (.ost).

Compact files outlook PST

Go to File > Info > Tools > Empty deleted items folder forever.

File > Info > Account settings. it’ll open the Account settings window.

Switch to a data Files tab, click a data file that you simply want to compact, then click Settings.

Click the Advanced tab > Outlook data file Settings.

within the Outlook data file Settings dialogue, click Compact Now.

Click Ok and therefore the process of compacting the PST files will start

Make sure to see this to know if the Outlook Send/Receive error remains there or resolved.

5. Increase Outlook PST Storage maximum size

Change Outlook PST File Size Limit

Microsoft puts the limit due to some reason, but it is often changed. If you’re not comfortable with moving files into different PST, then it’s best to use this method to get rid of the limit.

The settings for Outlook 2016, 2019 & 365 is at:


If you’ve got another version, replace 16 with its number. E.g., Outlook 2013: 15.0, Outlook 2010: 14 then on.


Right-click on a right pane, and make two DWORD

MaxLargeFileSize – it’s a maximum file size of the PST file

WarnLargeFileSize – Warning message when the file size of the PST file reaches a particular limit.

you would like to enter the size value in terms of MB. So if the utmost limit is 50 GB, which is 5120MB, you would like to fix a size value above this. you’ll set it as 80GB or 8192MB

For WarnLarge File Size, you would like to enter 95% of whatever amount you set for MaxLargeFileSize.

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