Top 6 Virtual Reality Games you should play

Top 6 Virtual Reality Games you should play

Gaming is an addiction for everyone according to their taste or favored genre. But, when we talk about virtual reality in gaming, it doubles our expectations and gives an adventurous experience. 

Virtual reality is in slow trending, that may because of down marketing, expensive and high maintenance headsets, gadgets, and lack of game offered. Besides, that virtual reality game development industry has numerous opportunity to hit the market because of low competition.

Here are the top six virtual reality games on the bases of critics reviews and players experience;

Beat Saber 

Beat Saber is a dance game on rhythms-music where players have rhythm or coordinate their movements with music and slashing glowing sabers around them while dodging obstacles and bombs. Players have to cut specific blocks from particular directions.

It's a virtual reality dance experience as a full-body workout.

 Robo Recall

Robo Recall is the most remarkable experience for Virtual Reality. Robo Recall is a futuristic environment shooting game where robots are all around, and everything is going great until an Artificial intelligence infects all of the robots, after that Artificial intelligence itself goes mad.

The Robo Recall is the half sharpshooter, and half rude comical character carries the abilities like teleport and slow time with skilled hands and upgradeable weapons.

The game carries high definition graphics and high intensity to give addictive gaming to players.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Capcom developed Resident Evil 7 with reverse horror experience that of Resident Evil. Players have to think strategically to encounter dangerous enemies. The game has a single location. The storyline of the game is that the player is an Ethan Winters, who is exploring a deserted house in an effort to find his wife Louisiana who went missing from three years.

 Arizona Sunshine  

 Arizona Sunshine proves that if Virtual Reality game development companies have the time, and money to create full-length virtual reality experience games, it will be a nail-biting experience. 

In the game, a player is exploring an old mine shaft with a six-round revolver in one hand, and flashlight in another. It is an arcade game with zombie infected wild west. 

The game carries some special moves like reloading, and a gun player has to move their hands to an ammo belt, and use teleporting to cover the distance. 


Farpoint is a sony shooting game with aim controller options, hunt for the herd of enemies and analog stick options add near perfection of control to the experience.

The game has decently written cutscenes' story. There are two-player multiplayer battles to compete players for high scores. Dual shock 4 provides a more thrilling experience than the aim controller. 

Marvel Powers United VR

Need no introduction Marvel fan base is all around the globe. And when a player gets a chance to experience one of those their favorite characters, the joy or excitement is doubled.

Marvel Powers Unite is a colorist and blowing experience the game carries amazing graphics.

The player feels bulky in hulk character and smashes enemies with signature moves. Raccoon experience is tiny but quick to confuse enemies, and equipped with a rocket Jetpack for bird's eye view. 


Virtual reality app development is in its nascent stage and will definitely have a booming future on the basis of observation of increasing trend and popularity. It is on a lower scale because of the expensive technology shift. Virtual reality experience is addictive as it provides a true experience of high definition graphics and stunning special effects.


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