6 Common Memory Card Problems And Their Solutions

Memory cards are great, but, you will be gladder by knowing the 6 handy memory cards problem and its solution with you! Well, if we take the current technology into account, SD cards have brought a lot of benefits to the table.

Most of the SD cards are very prone to give the annoying problem to a user. The sd card problems may range from mildly intensive to frustrating and irritating. Thankfully, with our list of 6 memory card problems and also with their solutions, everything will be smooth and easy.

6 Common Memory Card Problems And Their Solutions

The 6 memory card significant problems with their solutions

Below I have listed the six common problems which may occur in memory cards. The straightforward solutions are also presented here for each issue. If you are facing the question regarding your SD card, you can look below to get a quick solution.

Unreadable or missing files

Your memory card might be working just fine, such as recording all the videos and photos which your camera may capture. Though, some of the photos and videos might get appeared to be missing. During such situations, an external solution is essential! The very first step to do this is by requiring the corrupted sd card recovery software. You can run your memory card through it, as it will help you to restore the seemingly lost videos and photos.

SD card is locked or protected

Many sd cards have a protection lock over it which prevents the memory from being transferred or to store on the other devices. If you try to record the videos or photos in the lock position, then a message will appear. This message will significantly say that the memory card is protected or locked. If you are looking for a quick solution for this problem, you must know that an SD card comes down in many variants such as in (SDHC and SDXC). Most of the cards have a lock switch placed on the left side of it. You have to side it up to unlock your memory card! If still the problem persists, you can switch back the toggle 3-4 times more.

The card cannot be used

Sometimes the problem could arise where the camera will display a message ‘memory card cannot read/used’. The very first step you need to do is to turn the camera off and on again. You must also make sure that you should not use it when the camera’ is on in the busy light. You must only view the videos and photos by pressing your camera’s playback button. If this problem still occurs, you should try to backup your card’s data on your device.

The card is functioning slowly!

At times there may come a problem, in which your card might transfer the data a bit more slowly than regular days. In such situations, it might not be the actual problem with the SD card. The reason being, every sd card has its speed that indicates how quickly it can transfer the videos and photos from one card to another one. If your card has a slow speed rating, the transfer can take the time a bit longer.

Corrupted or damaged card

SD cards are quite a sensitive as they are very prone to get damaged easily. If you are dealing with a corrupted or damaged sd card, you might be on the risk of complete data loss. You can choose an sd card software to get an easy recovery of your data. If the problem persists, you can take suggestion from a data recovery specialist.

Device cannot read the sd card

Sometimes the problem may occur, where your device is unable to read your sd card. On the other hand, the memory card is working just fine with the camera and other files. This can be quite a problematic situation, as it hinges the transferring of videos and photos. The very first thing you can do is trying to use different USB ports or device. Changing and porting the SD card to some other device or USB parts will help to solve this problem.

We hope our article has highlighted the common problems with the provided solution with it. Furthermore, we have offered the handful steps to take the prevents against the sd card corruption.

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