SNACTEK- Best Food Machine Manufacturer

SNACTEK- Best Food Machine Manufacturer


Snactek machines come in various sizes and configurations to match up with different products and capacity requirements. It has a team of skilled engineers that develop creative and cost-effective products that are easy to operate and maintain.

Snactek machines are made up of quality materials and components to deliver exceptional performance and assured longevity. 

Let us see some of the machines that are customized uniquely for better productivity:

Peanut roasting machine:

A Peanut roasting machine is used to produce roasted and fried peanuts. The peanut roasting machine from Snactek is among the leading peanut roasting machine manufacturers that will save energy, time, labor, and ensure lesser maintenance costs. It is simple in terms of design & structure that also makes it a multipurpose machine. On average, a peanut roasting machine can take half an hour to roast 30 kg of peanuts. 

Groundnut roasting machine:

The snactek has revealed its multipurpose groundnut roasting machine. The hardware components that are used to make a groundnut roaster machine are selected carefully to ensure its toughness and reliability. Thus, the snactek's groundnut roasting machine is in huge demand because of its excellent design, quality, and optimum size.

The most selected method for roasting is the rotatory drum type roasting. Snactek delivers the best quality Groundnut Roasting Machine to the clients.

Coffee roaster machine:

The roasted coffee beans are prepared using the coffee roaster machine by changing the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans. After the roasting process, the color, aroma, taste, and density of the beans changes.

Snactek's coffee roaster machine will be a great option if you are looking for the best coffee roaster machine to roast the coffee beans at your workplace or home.

Chana roaster machine:

A chana roaster machine is used to deliver a crunchy, salty, and roasted chana. Its components are of top quality and are made up of long-lasting materials. The main benefit of getting a chana roaster machine is that it reduces human efforts, improves operating efficiency, steady roasting, less energy consumption, optimum air circulation, ease of use, and maintenance.

Almond roasting machine:

Almonds are also considered under the nuts category and are in the shape of a teardrop. They grow on the almond tree and comes out with a shell. The shelled almonds are washed with hot water to get rid of the outer coating, resulting in a smooth white interior.

The almond roasting machine provides the almonds with a different color and aroma. Preferably, such almond roasting machines have in place a salting process and then, followed by the roasting process. So it's necessary to maintain a proper roasting temperature to have tasty roasted almonds.

Potato chips frying machine:

Snactek's Potato chips frying machine is automated, right from washing and peeling to packaging. The frying duration & temperature can be adjusted to get crunchy and crispy fried chips.

Food extruder machine:

Snactek's food extruder machine is a simple design, user-friendly in operating, multi-functional, and highly automatic with excellent features. This food extruder machine helps in bulk production by maintaining its quality.

Puff machine:

A puff machine is a multi-purpose instrument that is used to produce various cereal grains based consumables. Puff machine from Snactek keeps the original flavor, nutritional value, and color of wheat, rice, corn, millet, and other cereal grains.

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