5 Laptop Buying Tips You Shouldn't Ignore

5 Laptop Buying Tips You Shouldn't Ignore

In terms of functionality, the laptop is perhaps more convenient than many other gadgets around there. It has a bigger screen than the smartphone, and it can be moved around, unlike the PC. Whether you are completing an assignment, writing a term paper, conducting research, watching a movie, or surfing the internet, you need a laptop that will suit your budget range and needs. The following tips are essential for buying your ideal laptop.

Buy in the Right Season

Knowing when to buy a laptop, perhaps is the most important step you should take. You should consider buying off-season if you want the best price bargain. The off-season period is just a few weeks or months after the release of a new model of your preferred. The price of the immediate past model is often cheaper once a new model is released, hence you can cash in on that opportunity.

Consider the Battery Life

Unfortunately, laptops that come with extremely cheap prices often develop serious battery issues. You must go after a laptop with long-lasting battery life because you might never know when public electricity supply will be off. Choose a laptop with a minimum of 6 hours of battery life. Keep in mind that certain activities such as gaming on a laptop can run down the power quickly.

Get a 2-in-1 Laptop

Newly developed laptops are hybrid convertible where you can rotate the screen up to an angle of 360. With a convertible laptop, you can switch to the touch-screen mode occasionally or position the device in a tent mode to watch movies.

Smaller Screen Means Greater Portability

If you don’t have a problem using laptops with smaller screens and keyboards, then you should consider going for the 11.5” to 14” screen laptops because they are more portable. Smaller screen laptops are lighter and more compact than the ones with 15” and higher screen sizes. If you have issues reading small text characters on your laptop, perhaps you have to sacrifice that portability advantage and go for a product with a larger screen such as the 15” screen laptop.

Go for a Resolution of 1080P or Higher

If your motive for using a laptop is for watching music videos, movies and gaming, then the 1080P resolution or higher will be the ideal choice for you. Another advantage of the 1080p, otherwise known as Full HD resolution is that they make it easier to read texts on the screen of your laptop. Some Full HD laptops can also allow you to virtually split the screen into two for multi-tasking.


There are several other features you should consider when buying a laptop. For instance, you should go for a laptop with a backlit feature if you find it difficult to type in the night or any other area where there is poor visibility. When it comes to memory size and speed, perhaps you put in mind that the bigger the memory size, the slower the laptop can get. Make sure your laptop comes with some other accessories such as a carrying bag, that will make the device more convenient for usage.

Last updated:10/3/2020 8:54:25 AM
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