Is it worth buying refurbished phones?

Is it worth buying refurbished phones?

Buying a mobile phone that has been refurbished can be an excellent way to cut costs on expensive electronics and gadgets, but many customers are worried about buying something that has been previously owned by someone. We will help to answer the most commonly asked questions you have about buying refurbished mobile phones in India, from picking the phone you want, and to clear some of the myths around what it means when you buy a phone that is not new or refurbished. By the end of it, we hope you will be a convert to the world of cost-optimized devices. Following are the things you must consider to buy refurbished phones India.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Refurbished Mobile Phone?

While by no means an exhaustive list, there are a few main advantages and, of course, disadvantages to buying and owning a refurbished phone that we’ve taken a look at. These range from things that specifically relate to buying one from us to buying from other outlets, so it’s likely to list most things you’ll care about, good and bad!

The Pros

It is cheaper. Refurbished mobile phones can be up to 20-30% less than the new product price, and it is a one-off payment with no consequence on your credit rating and cost. For those users that are cost-conscious, this is the biggest attraction and cause to buy refurbished mobile phones.

It is also contract-free. When you buy a new device that is not new, you can buy it without a monthly contract in the refurbished mobile. That means you are paying for the handset alone, and whenever you chose to go with a Sim-Only contract, it will likely be cheaper than the average monthly cost of a 1 year, new mobile phone deal.

You can have an unlocked model as you wish. While it can be a little dearer than to buy a refurbished that is locked to your current network and internet provider, the great thing about buying your refurbished mobile phone from an outlet like ourselves is that there is also an option to buy the handset unlocked if you want. This is very useful if you use multiple sim cards, and it also gives you the flexibility to shop around for the best contract sim provider possible. It also makes the phone more valuable and efficient if you decide to sell it in later down the line.

There is greater flexibility. When you are not tied into 24 or 30-month contracts you can swap and switch your refurbished mobile phone around as it fits you. The smartphone market is fast-paced and the ability to keep up with the latest technology in trend is a powerful option for tech-lovers users.

Refurbished mobile phones are more environmentally friendly. As it suggests, we care about the environment and surrounding. Reusing a mobile phone rather than recycling its parts is the best way of extending its lifespan. If you are aware of your carbon footprint than buying a refurbished mobile phone means you are doing your bit to lower consumption and money-saving.

The Cons

It is not brand new. While this is stating as obvious, it is very undeniable that we all love that unboxing feeling a new mobile phone has its own charm.

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