App Store Optimization

Finding a great Logo and a proper description is a step to take on the way to rock the App Store! Give your clients an idea what is your app about, arouse their interest, and get a higher number of downloads and better rankings. In Retina-Solution, of course.

App Store Optimization

Once you know what your App can do and how it satisfies the customers’ needs, you can start thinking about what your Logo should look like. Retina-solution is absolutely necessary due too higher performance and screen-solution of Smartphones – Think About iPhones 6, 7S, 8, X and Samsung’s newer product lines…The most important rule for designing the Logo of your App is to give the user an idea what your App will do for him. It has to be consistent with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Together with the name of your App the Logo will highly influence the decision if a users clicks on it to find out more information or just moves on to one of your competitor’s apps. And let’s be honest: You’ll face a couple of competitors in the App Stores in every category, no matter what kind of app you have built. You have to use App Store SEO to make your App better.

The Description of your App is another essential criterion of the appearance of your App in iTunes or Google Play. Or WP8, to have that mentioned once as well, even though I would recommend every developer to start with iOS and Android.

In iTunes, the first two sentences of your description are visible at first sight, to continue reading the user must actively click on “…More”. This means that you have just two sentences to arouse interest. The conclusion of this can only lead to one thing:

Come straight to the point. Present your USP, tell the user how you can help him and solve his problems. After making your prospective clients curious, there will be enough space to explain it in the description more detailed how your app works. Maybe include some testimonials, if you have any so far. App Store Optimization

Another important thing: Use lists with clear points, so the readability will increase drastically and you won’t lose your users while reading your descriptions.

Also think about choosing the right category. This of course depends on the functionality of your app, but for Indie devlopers as you probably are there is one rule: Stay away from Games. Too much competition, and almost no chances to succeed there beside lots of professional players like EA Sports and many many others.

Chances for success tend to be higher in less highly competitive categories of iTunes and Google Play Store. Of course the category should still fit, but think about publishing your app in Education or Reference.

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