"Jungle Run Temple Escape" is better than "Temple Run"??

Asked 11-Jan-2023
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If you like fun race game endless and other arcade games then this amazing Jungle Escape Endless Runner is for you! Your goal is to complete the epic run following the temple route in the thick jungle with lots of greenery and waterfalls.

Jungle Run Temple Escape is better than Temple Run

Welcome to this Jungle Run Temple Escape Games published by Forbidden Games, where you are going to enjoy endless runs dodging wild animals like monkey kong etc. Jungle free Run from wild creatures like howling hyenas and avoid obstacles that come towards your way of temple route, jump and defeat anyone in your way of mega run. Collect as many coins as possible in the Gold Run to fill your store bar and use them in the character modification and unlock unlimited stuff. Use a power-dash to stunt jump on obstacles or take alternative routes and collect. Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out of the Jungle Run Temple Escape Games.

This Escape Runner Game is full of adventure, 3D jungle environments with stunning views of beautiful valleys.

Game-Play & Features
* Thrilling runner game without wifi
* Avoid obstacles and collect coins
* Humans and cute animals in character selection
* Special powers & skills of each character
* Optimized Phone Game 3D environment
* HD, FHD and UHD display based on the device specs
* swipe to right or left to avoid obstacles and safari animals
* Grab gems and coins to revive

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