Which is the best DevOps institute in India?

Asked 16-Dec-2022
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I am planning to learn DevOps and I am looking for the best DevOps course in India, expecting Simplilearn and Edureka. 

I agree with the answer by Ashish. If you are learning DevOps you can join free resources like youtube channels, free blogs, communities, online courses. And, if you want to learn advance DevOps in no time, then you can join platforms like- Tutorial Point DevOps.com igmGuru Atlassian Cloud.google.com Thank you - priya sharma 18-Dec-2022

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If you are learning DevOps and are new to it then you must learn the basics of it. There are many resources available on the internet which you can use to improve your basic, then you can join any DevOps courses to make learning fun. Because I did the same, I made my base strong first.

Here are some best resources you can choose for DevOps learning-