How to Celebrate New Year in Dubai ?

Asked 05-Dec-2022
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Suggest me Celebrate New Year in Dubai.

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New Years Eve is the most important night of the year. Dubai is one of the best places to celebrate this holiday. Everyone dresses up and enjoys the party atmosphere. Being an event that is celebrated all over the world, it attracts many tourists who want to attend the event and enjoy its unique experience.

There are several places to visit during in new year in Dubai, you can go for Dhow cruise dinner on new year or can go for a overnight desert safari to celebrate the new year.  In case if you don’t want to spend money then go for Kite Beach to watch the new year’s fireworks. 

The tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve started in ancient China and today it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Different cultures have their own traditions for celebrating this special day but one thing that remains constant is that people gather together to have fun and express their emotions through dance and music.