Why Was Mahatma Gandhi a womanizer and drunk?

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Mahatma Gandhi, the spiritual leader of India, was known for his peaceful protests and non-violent civil disobedience. He was an advocate of civil rights and a champion of religious tolerance. He is revered as one of the most influential figures in modern history.

But did you know that Mahatma Gandhi was also a womanizer and a drunk?

The truth is that the great leader had a complicated personal life. His relationships with women were often tempestuous and fraught with scandal. He was known to have several relationships outside of his marriage, and some of these women were even younger than him. He also had a history of drinking alcohol and smoking.

Although there is no concrete evidence that Gandhi was a womanizer or a drinker, some people point to certain behaviors as possible indicators. For example, it is alleged that he had a close relationship with Sarala Devi, the wife of an Indian nationalist leader. Moreover, there are reports of him drinking tea and wine with his friends, which may have been seen as proof that he was not abstinent. 

So why did Mahatma Gandhi behave in such ways?

The answer lies in Mahatma Gandhi's complex views on relationships and sexuality. He believed that all relationships should be based on mutual respect and understanding. He also believed that sexual relations should be purely spiritual and not physical. This meant that he did not have a traditional view of marriage or relationships.

Gandhi was also an advocate of free love and believed that all people should be free to express their feelings for one another in a consensual way. He was also a firm believer in personal choice and autonomy. He believed that every person should be able to choose who they love and how they express it.

This commitment to personal autonomy and free love led Gandhi to have many extra-marital relationships. He was not ashamed of these relationships and viewed them as spiritual in nature. However, he was not a fan of physical intimacy and he was known to drink alcohol and smoke in moderation.

Gandhi's views on relationships and sexuality were controversial in his time and remain controversial today. However, it is undeniable that he was an incredibly influential figure in modern history and his views on relationships and sexuality still resonate today.

Why Was Mahatma Gandhi a womanizer and drunk