What is the importance of Myanmar and Bangladesh to India?

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Myanmar and Bangladesh are two of India's closest neighbors. India shares a land border with both these countries. Myanmar is India's eastern neighbor and Bangladesh is India's western neighbor. India has always had close relations with both of these countries. India and Myanmar share a long history. Myanmar was a part of India before it became a separate country. India and Bangladesh also have close economic and cultural ties. India is Bangladesh's largest trading partner. Bangladesh is also one of the largest markets for Indian exports. India is also one of the largest investors in Bangladesh. 

The border between India and Bangladesh is over 4000 kilometers long. The border between India and Myanmar is over 1600 kilometers long. The two countries are also home to a large number of Indian citizens. There are over 2 million Indian citizens living in Bangladesh. There are also over 1 million Indian citizens living in Myanmar. 

India has always been closely linked to Myanmar. The two countries share a long border and there are a large number of ethnic Indians living in Myanmar. During the military dictatorship, India was one of the few countries that continued to support the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar. In the 1990s, India began to engage with the military regime in an effort to encourage reform. Since the transition to civilian rule, India has been working to support the new government in Myanmar. India has been providing economic and technical assistance to help Myanmar develop. 

The importance of Myanmar to India is two-fold. First, Myanmar is a key strategic partner in India's 'Look East' policy. This policy aims to build closer economic and political ties with the countries of Southeast Asia. Myanmar is also important to India because of the large number of ethnic Indians living in the country. There are an estimated two million Indians living in Myanmar. Many of these Indians are of Bengali origin and have close cultural and family ties to India. 

What is the importance of Myanmar and Bangladesh to India?

Bangladesh is important to India for both economic and security reasons. Bangladesh is India's largest trading partner in South Asia. India also has a very large investment in Bangladesh. Security is another important reason why Bangladesh is important to India. Bangladesh is a key country in India's fight against terrorism. Bangladesh is also home to a large number of refugees from India's neighboring countries. 

India and Bangladesh have a long history of cooperation. The two countries have worked together on many issues, including trade, security, and the environment. The two countries have also been working together to improve the lives of the people of Bangladesh. India has provided Bangladesh with development assistance and has also worked to improve Bangladesh's infrastructure.