How did Ukraine destroy the Crimean Bridge?

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In May of 2018, the Ukrainian government announced their plans to demolish the Crimean Bridge, which had been built by Russia just two years prior. The decision was made in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea, which Ukraine considered to be illegal. 

The bridge, which spans the Kerch Strait, was designed to connect Crimea with the Russian mainland. It is the only land connection between the two regions, and its destruction would effectively cut off Crimea from the rest of Russia. 

The Ukrainian government hired a team of explosives experts to carry out the demolition. In October of 2018, they succeeded in destroying a section of the bridge, causing significant damage.

The decision to destroy the bridges was not an easy one, and it was made with the advice of military experts. But it was a necessary one, as the bridges would have allowed the Russian forces to quickly and easily move into Ukraine. 
The first step in the destruction of the bridges was to remove the concrete from the bridge decks. This was done using a process called hydro demolition, which uses high-pressure water jets to remove the concrete. After the concrete was removed, the bridges were then blown up. The explosions were carefully planned and controlled, so that the bridges would collapse in on themselves and not cause any damage to the surrounding area. 

How did Ukraine destroy the Crimean Bridge?

The destruction of the bridge was a major blow to Russia, as it effectively cut off Crimea from the rest of the country. The Ukrainian government justified the destruction of the bridge by claiming that it was necessary to prevent Russian forces from using it to invade Ukraine. The destruction of the Crimean Bridge was a major setback for Russia, and it has been struggling to repair the damage ever since. The bridge was finally repaired and reopened to traffic in May of 2019, nearly a year after it was destroyed.