Why Gandhi ji condemned Rageela Rasool

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Gandhiji was an ardent follower of non-violence and truth as a means of social and spiritual transformation. His teachings and philosophy of non-violence were strongly inspired by his devotion to the Bhagavad Gita and a deep appreciation of the teachings of the ancient epic, the Mahabharata.

Gandhi Ji was also deeply committed to the principle that all human beings are equal and that there should be mutual respect and understanding between different communities, regardless of their beliefs or culture. He was also a strong believer in the principle of ahimsa (non-violence) and was constantly striving towards a world of peace and harmony.

It was in this spirit of non-violence and understanding that Gandhi Ji condemned Rangila Rasul, a book written by Syed Abul A'la Maududi in the late 1950s. The book was a response to the Islamic reforms of the time, and it strongly advocated for the use of violence in order to achieve religious goals.

Gandhi Ji was a firm believer in ahimsa, which is the practice of refraining from violence, even in the face of extreme provocation. He believed that violence was never the answer to any dispute and that any resolution to a conflict should always be peacefully attained. He argued that the use of violence to achieve religious goals was a complete contradiction of the principles of non-violence and ahimsa.

Why Gandhi ji condemned Rageela Rasool

Gandhi Ji felt that the book also advocated a view of religion that was not in line with the values of peace, justice, and human rights. He argued that Rangila Rasul encouraged and glorified violence and that it was completely contrary to his vision of a peaceful, harmonious, and just society.

In condemning Rageela Rasool, Gandhi Ji was reminding us of the importance of non-violence, understanding between different communities, and the need for mutual respect. His message was that violence should never be seen as a solution to any conflict and that it can only create more suffering and destruction. Gandhi Ji was a champion of peace and justice, and his condemnation of Rageela Rasool serves as a reminder of the importance of non-violence and understanding in our world today.

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