What is the aim of Operation Namaste?

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Operation Namaste is a large-scale military operation that was launched by the Indian Army in March 2020. The primary objective of the operation is to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. The operation is being carried out in collaboration with the central and state governments, as well as other relevant organizations.

The operation was launched shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The Indian government recognized the need for a coordinated response to the crisis and called upon the Indian Army to assist in containing the outbreak. The army responded by launching Operation Namaste, which is the largest-ever peacetime operation in the country's history.

The primary aim of Operation Namaste is to provide support to the civil authorities in containing the spread of the virus. The army has deployed medical teams and other resources to help with the testing, screening, and treatment of patients. The army is also involved in providing logistical support, including the transport of medical supplies, food, and other essential goods.

What is the aim of Operation Namaste

One of the key components of Operation Namaste is the setting up of quarantine and isolation facilities across the country. The army has converted several of its existing facilities, including military hospitals and barracks, into quarantine centers. The army is also working with state governments to set up temporary isolation facilities in stadiums, hotels, and other venues.

Another important aspect of Operation Namaste is the provision of medical assistance to the civilian population. The army has deployed medical teams to several states, including the worst-affected states of Maharashtra, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu. These teams are working in collaboration with the state governments and other organizations to provide medical assistance to those affected by the virus.

In addition to the medical and logistical support provided by the army, Operation Namaste is also involved in raising awareness about the virus and promoting preventive measures. The army has launched a massive communication campaign, which includes the distribution of posters, flyers, and other materials.

In conclusion, Operation Namaste is an important initiative by the Indian Army to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The operation highlights the army's readiness and ability to respond to crises in the country. The collaboration between the army, the central and state governments, and other organizations is a testament to the country's ability to work together in times of crisis. The operation is ongoing, and it is expected to continue until the virus is contained.