How does climate change affect people’s health?

Asked 27-Jun-2022
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If anything is changed in climate, it is directly linked to human health because we are dependent on nature and the component of nature such as Air, soil, water, and sunlight.

How does climate change affect people’s health?
Climate is made up of the components which are providing essential for human beings and hence we should always take care of them. These days we are not looking at the aspect of how much our air getting polluted just because we are continuously increasing the carbon content in the atmosphere.
The air which goes into our heart makes our blood polluted and causes grievous consequences such as a heart attack.

Today we are using a high percentage of chemical fertilizers in our field which is making our land unfertile. We are not eating fresh food as it has the maximum percentage of chemical which is destroying our body organ.

Our body is made up of 70 percent of water and hence it has the maximum reach in our human organs. Today a large part of the rivers and Well are fully draught and the farmers are not able to extract water from the river or such a natural source of water.