Which cryptographic algorithm is used in Blockchain?

Asked 19-May-2022
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  • The SHA-256 hashing algorithm is used in the blockchain. The SHA-256 Hashing method was developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States.
  • The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), or Secure Hash Algorithm, is the most extensively used cryptographic hash function, with several versions such as SHA1, SHA256, MD5, and SHA512. Each cryptographic hash function has a distinct function, which is as follows:
  • The Message-Digest algorithm (MD5) is used to generate a 128-bit hash value.
  • NIST customised SHA1 and published it in line with FIPS, or Federal Information Processing Standard.
  • The SHA256 function uses 32-bit words to compute hash values, and the message digest is 256 bits
  • The SHA512 function uses 64-bit words to compute hash values, while the message digest is 512 bits.

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