How many types of keys in a keyboard?

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How many types of keys in a keyboard?
  • The alphabet keys, number keys, special keys, function keys, and navigation keys are the five types of keys on a keyboard. Each key and key type was created with a specific purpose in mind.
  •  you can reach the letter or alphabet keys from A to Z. You have 26 distinct keys to choose from. It's worth noticing that the keys aren't in any particular order. The symbols are also included in the alphabet keys. You'll have a total of 54 keys with 76 different characters in that case.
  • The number keys include the numeric keys 0 to 9. You'll have 17 keys if your keyboard contains a numeric keypad. The numeric keypad and number keys are both located at the top of the first row.
  • Controlling the system and what appears on your computer screen is done with the control keys and special. 
  • The Function keys are designed to offer you access to a select few functions. This set of function keys includes the keys F1 through F12. Depending on the software, each of these keys has a different function. It also depends on whatever operating system you use. Mechanical and gaming keys may feature up to 24 function keys in some cases.
  • The navigation keys are used for specialised navigation purposes. This category includes cursor keys such as down, up, left, and right. Only a few of the navigational keys to consider are Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and Delete.

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