What are types of keyboard and their functions?

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Types of keyboard and their functions:

What are types of keyboard and their functions?

  • Multimedia keyboard refers to a keyboard with all multimedia buttons. Play, pause, previous, next, volume up, volume down, mute, and a unique button to open media are among the buttons. There is also a button to access a browser, my computer, and a calculator.
  • A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that has physical buttons for each key. When you push each key, it creates a noise. When you press a button, an electrical signal is transferred to the computer, which displays the characters.
  • The keyboard is connected to the computer device by Bluetooth, IR technology, or Radio Frequency. The keyboard can be ported, and the parent system is no longer required near the keyboard. These keyboards are portable and lightweight. A transmitter and trans-receiver should be included in these keyboards. The keyboard strokes are transmitted as radio waves by the transmitter, which are received by the trans-receiver, which is stored near the parent device.
  • A virtual keyboard is the type of keyboard found on cellphones. This keyboard appears when you need it and disappears when you're done typing. This can be set automatically as needed. We can also utilise a virtual keyboard that appears on the screen in the Windows system. A virtual keyboard is not a tangible object to transport.

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