What are some hacking tools on Chromebook?

Asked 11-May-2022
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Some hacking tools on Chromebook:

  • Tamper Data is a Chrome hacking plugin that allows users to monitor and manipulate HTTPS, HTTP, and other browser replies and requests that are not visible to the user. The majority of ethical hacking approaches rely on fuzzing, which requires experts to tweak or modify requests and inputs.
  • Wappalyzer is a chrome plugin that pulls critical information about a web application to aid penetration testing. It is compatible with Google Chrome browsers. IP Address and Domain Info, as well as Firebug, are other related extensions.
  • A trustworthy proxy is essential to all ethical hackers. For technical users and ethical hackers, the Proxy SwitchySharp Chrome extension is useful since it provides a proxy and other complex capabilities.
  • The D3coder Chrome addon immediately decrypts and encrypts hashes and texts using multiple encryption protocols. To crack some of the most popular hashes, the addon uses a dictionary.

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