Can you use a chromebook for hacking?

Asked 11-May-2022
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Can you use a chromebook for hacking?

Chromebooks are a new kind of computer created by Google intended for helping things get done in a faster and easier manner.

They run on Chrome OS, the operating system that is somewhat similar to the android operating system. This operating system has a built-in cloud storage feature and the best of Google built it and multiple layers of security. Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system and is a very light operating system since it relies mainly on web applications for its tasks.

There’s a popular saying that everything that is connected to the internet can be hacked. So, any device with access to the internet can be used for hacking. But hacking using Chrome OS is a little bit difficult task as it is a very light operating system and does not have advanced hacking features. For sake of hacking through chrome book first, you need to install another operating system like Linux. And after installing you can use your Chromebook for hacking if have proper knowledge of hacking.
Hacking is a great way to learn the working of the internet and various components but it too has a darker side. But when used for mal-practices the consequences of hacking can be catastrophic. Hackers may invade others' privacy, leak sensitive data, and even steal money from banks. Doing these types of things using hacking is completely illegal and one could be booked for committing such crimes by hacking. So, you should always hack for constructive purposes rather than involving in mal-practices.