Why do people dislike Chromebooks so much?

Asked 11-May-2022
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  • A Chromebook is probably not for you if you use Microsoft Office programmes. Google instead recommends that you use its free online suite of Office-like services. Many of these services are equivalent to Microsoft Office components, but they lack some capabilities that you may have grown accustomed to.
  • Local storage on Chromebooks is normally limited to 32GB. Because component costs are lower, limiting storage helps keep the price down. Google, on the other hand, wants you to save your data in the cloud, which is why new Chromebooks commonly come with 100GB of free online storage.
  • With contemporary computers, a CD/DVD drive is gradually becoming obsolete, but if you really need one and use it frequently, you should know that you won't find one on a Chromebook.
  • On the Chromebook, there are undoubtedly some competent online video editors. WeVideo, for example, comes to mind right away. However, if you require more control over your media or need to work with a lot of HD footage, the Chromebook may not be up to the task because no offline editors like iMovie, Premiere Elements, or Windows Movie Maker are available.

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