What is so special about Chromebooks?

Asked 10-May-2022
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  • A Chromebook can be used for a variety of functions, including browsing the internet and viewing movies, as well as playing games. You can either work directly from the Chrome browser or download Android apps from the Google Play Store. While you may rely on the apps available in the Play Store for your Chromebook, there are thousands of them, and the number is continually expanding. You can always find an app fit for your needs in the Play Store.
  • Chrome OS is built on Chrome, Google's web browser. You can also do a lot of things online with Chrome OS. You can work directly from your browser, but Android applications can also be installed. The operating system on a Chromebook is incredibly light and quick because it is based on the 'internet first' approach. For speed and performance, you're less reliant on your laptop's specifications. This reduces the cost of a Chromebook.

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