What are the latest technologies in IT industry?

Asked 30-Apr-2022
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The latest technologies in IT industry:

  • The field of data science is extensive. It consists of a variety of techniques, procedures, and tools for extracting meaningful knowledge from unstructured or organised data. Most people mistakenly believe that Data Science is one of the best and easiest software, statistics, or visualisation methods, which is a frequent fallacy.
  • AngularJS is an entirely JavaScript-based framework. It's primarily utilised as a front end and MVC (Model View Controller), yet one of the most precise features will be similar to MVVM (Model View – View Model). Because AngularJS is a framework that may be used in any of the above methods, web developers at Google refer to it as MVW, or Model View Whatever.
  • Rect.js or ReactJS are two other names for DReact. Opensource Community and Facebook worked together to create, construct, and maintain it. ReactJS was created by Jorden Walke, a Facebook employee.

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