Is there any latest rumor about the Apple iPhone 12?

Asked 19-Apr-2022
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Is there any latest rumor about the Apple iPhone 12?
  • No,  there is no  latest rumor about the Apple iPhone 12?
  • With the iPhone 13 lineup now available, many potential consumers are probably thinking if it's still worth it to save a few bucks by getting an iPhone 12 or 12 small.
  • If you want the latest and greatest mainstream phone or cutting-edge camera capabilities, you'll need to spring for at least the iPhone 13 or possibly the iPhone 13 Pro, but if pricing is a major factor, the iPhone 12 and 12 small are solid mid-range options in Apple's lineup.
  • The iPhone 12 ($699 starting price) and iPhone 12 mini ($599 starting price) are $100 cheaper than their iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini counterparts, which is a significant reduction. While the iPhone 13 models have some new capabilities, the general design hasn't changed much, and many consumers believe the iPhone 13 to be a slight upgrade, making the iPhone 12 a more enticing alternative for certain customers.

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