Which Software Is Bundled With A Macbook?

Asked 18-Apr-2022
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Which Software Is Bundled With A Macbook?
  • On MacBooks, Apple includes basic apps such as Mail, iTunes, iChat, Safari, Calendar, Address Book, and Photo Booth. Apple's default email application is Mail, while Address Book organises your contacts and Safari is the default web browser.
  • Apple's iLife software bundle, which includes iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand, is included with MacBooks. You can import images from CDs, folders, and digital cameras into iPhoto, arrange them into events and albums, edit them for exposure, colour, saturation, and contrast, and even apply filters and effects.
  • With possibilities to add music, transitions, and effects, iMovie allows you to edit films and make personal movies. GarageBand features instruments and sound effects and allows you to record and edit songs.

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