What are software requirements?

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What are software requirements?
  • The software requirements are a list of the target system's features and functions. Users' expectations of the software product are expressed in requirements. From the client's perspective, the requirements can be evident or buried, known or unknown, expected or unexpected.
  • Requirement engineering is the process of gathering software needs from clients, analysing them, and documenting them. The purpose of requirement engineering is to create and maintain a detailed and comprehensive document called a 'System Requirements Specification.'
  • SRS is a document that a system analyst creates after gathering requirements from numerous stakeholders.
  • SRS specifies how the intended programme will interact with hardware, external interfaces, system speed, response time, portability of software across platforms, maintainability, speed of recovery after a crash, security, quality, and limitations, among other things.
  • The needs from the client are written in plain English. It is the role of the system analyst to document the requirements in technical language so that the software development team can understand and use them.

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