How to find the size of a software product?

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How to find the size of a software product?
  • The size of the programme must be estimated as part of the Software Project Management process. It aids the project manager in estimating the amount of effort and time required to complete the project.
  • In order to estimate the size of a project, a variety of methods are used. 
  • Number of Code Lines , In an ER diagram, the number of entities is counted. .In a thorough data flow diagram, the total number of processes., Points for functionality
  • The entire number of lines of source code in a project is measured in LOC. The size is calculated by comparing it to similar systems that already exist. Experts use it to estimate the size of various software components, which they then combine together to get the entire size.
  • The ER model gives you a static picture of your project. It describes the entities as well as their connections.
  • The Data Flow Diagram (DFD) depicts the software's functional view.
  • The number and type of functions offered by the software are used to determine FPC in this method (function point count).

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