What is Reddit really used for?

Asked 24-Mar-2022
Updated 11-Sep-2023
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  • Users will notice a list of postings on the site's top page, which includes text posts, link posts, photos, and videos. When you log out of your Redditaccount, the main page is made up of the site's default subreddits, which are a collection of roughly 50 categories such as music, videos, news, and GIFs. Users are automatically 'subscribed' to the list of default subreddits after making an account.
  • Users can then unsubscribe from any of the preset subreddits they don't want to see and subscribe to new subreddits to create a tailored front page with content that interests them.
  • After creating an account, users can also leave comments on posts. Apart from private chat, one of Reddit's key features is commenting, which is the primary means for users to engage with one another. Users can vote on comments, just like posts, and they are then sorted accordingly.
  • The top remark is the one that has received the most votes and is located at the top of the comment section.

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