How does Quora compare to Ask Reddit?

Asked 24-Mar-2022
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How does Quora compare to Ask Reddit?
  • Reddit is a social media network that allows users to locate and share content. Users can post links and text messages, which other users can vote on. The more votes your link or text post receives, the higher it will rank on Reddit.
  • Quora is a question and answer site where users can rank questions, answers, and comments by voting up or down on them.
  • Moderators are employed by Reddit to guarantee that the content uploaded on the site is both relevant and suitable. Users have the option of sharing links or text posts.
  • A staff of moderators oversees the content submitted on Quora, ensuring that it is relevant, correct, and suitable. It's crucial to be respectful when asking or answering questions on Quora because other members will vote your articles up or down based on their quality.

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