How do I ask a question on reddit?

Asked 24-Mar-2022
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1 Answer


  • Reddit announced in 2016 that text-only posts will be eligible for karma (the site's user points system), incentivizing more bizarre content. Overall, with with caution, Reddit can still be a terrific site to ask burning questions, seek help, or gain insight into people's lives all around the world.
  • For post and comment karma, go to r/AskReddit and ask or answer questions. Make an attempt to include Reddit submissions in your normal surfing routine.
  • Select the HOME option. It's on the Reddit page's upper left side.
  • Choose a post type. On the right side of the page, select one of the following options
  • Give it a title.
  • Choose a location for your post.
  • Make your article.
  • Check the 'I'm not a robot' box as you scroll down.
  • Submit the form.

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