How valuable is Twitter if you don't tweet?

Asked 21-Mar-2022
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How valuable is Twitter if you dont tweet
  • For both audiences and corporations, Twitter is the place to be bold. Test your creativity and take a few risks on Twitter to evolve your voice. Include emoji, a hint of sarcasm or silliness, and let the engagement lead the way.
  • Twitter is the best place for businesses to debut new products. It also doesn't have to be as significant as a new (re)branding or product.
  • Twitter is all about having a good time. Interacting with your audience, demonstrating your brand's personality, and gathering feedback may all be accomplished through asking questions. Get feedback on new items, pose a fun topic, or let your followers decide whether a choice is a tie.
  • Images, GIFs, and videos with a lot of personality offer a lot of personality and help you get more results. According to Twitter internal data, the site receives over 2 billion video views every day.

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