Why is Twitter still doing so bad?

Asked 21-Mar-2022
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  • Twitterhas been attempting to combat disinformation on its platforms by implementing new policies, monitoring and removing objectionable messages, and experimenting with new technologies that allow users to report false tweets.
  • While the 280-character restriction is one of Twitter's defining features, it is also one of the reasons why the platform is so toxic. Users' limited character count for expressing themselves on the site can often result in incomplete thoughts on the platform, causing confusion and misunderstanding. When incomplete tweets from politicians or celebrities are misinterpreted, it can lead to propaganda.
  • Trolling is common on social media sites, and Twitter is no exception. Because of its low character count and the fact that people may type while hiding behind a screen, it's ripe for trolling and hate speech.
  • Twitter lists are a helpful tool that allows users to build a public or private feed of tweets from persons added to the list. This allows users to create lists of topics they'd like to follow.