What Types Of Facebook Ads Are There?

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 Types Of Facebook Ads Are There:

What Types Of Facebook Ads Are There?

  • Ads with images-Using high-quality and engaging images, direct them to destination websites or apps. To express your tale, use your own photos or design an ad with stock photos.
  • Advertisements in video-Use music and motion to highlight product qualities and pull customers in. Upload a video you made or use the Video Creation Kit in Ads Manager to make one.
  • Advertisements on a carousel-Within a single ad, you can include up to ten images or videos, each with its own link. Use carousel advertising to display multiple images of the same product, or make a single long shot that consumers can swipe through.
  • Advertisements for collection- Encourage people to shop by displaying things from your product catalogue that are personalised for each person. Use our flexible options to present your products in a variety of ways.

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