What are the creepiest subreddits on Reddit?

Asked 03-Mar-2022
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What are the creepiest subreddits on Reddit?
  • There are plenty of other spooky websites out there, but freaky subreddits keep all the scares in one place.
  • The title of this subreddit pretty much sums it up. Expect plenty of terrifying gifs, videos, and photographs on r/ScaredSh*tless, which skews towards visual scares.
  • r/LetsNotMeet is the embodiment of 'stranger danger,' sharing all of the horrific situations individuals have had with complete strangers.
  • r/ScaryShortStories, as the name suggests, provides good scares in only a few words.
  • The tagline for this subreddit is '/r/NoSleep without the fiction,' which means that all of the stories are not only disturbing, but also supposedly factual. Worse, no one knows how to explain them.

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