What does "cake day" mean on Reddit?

Asked 27-Feb-2022
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What does 'cake day' mean on Reddit?

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  • It's similar to a birthday party, but for Reddit. A picture of a slice of cake appears next to someone's username when it's their cake day. When it's someone's cake day, Redditors are usually extra generous with their upvotes. The increase in upvotes and Reddit karma that people can obtain on their cake day is referenced in a number of memes regarding cake day.
  • The term 'cake day' refers to an anniversary celebration; it is most typically used to refer to the day of the year on which a Reddit user first signed up. Although many ascribe the term's origins to the Reddit community, other platforms, such as Imgur, have begun to utilise it. Some people use the word to refer to their real birthday as well.

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