How do you put a link on a Reddit photo?

Asked 27-Feb-2022
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Steps  put a link on a Reddit photo:

How do you put a link on a Reddit photo?

  • Choose a Topic for Your Article-Simply go to your preferred sub and click the 'Create Post' button. You'll now have three post kinds to choose from. Posting in text, Post an image or a video ,Link
  • A title and some text in the body are always required for a basic text post. For formatting purposes, Reddit also features a text editor. You can also use the markdown option to format your text.
  • Finally, you can include a link to a Reddit post. This is only a link, so all you need is the title and the URL.
  • After you've found out how to submit links on Reddit and created the perfect post, click the 'Post' button to publish it.

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