What's Reddit Gold and why do people “give” Reddit Gold?

Asked 24-Feb-2022
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Whats Reddit Gold and why do people give Reddit Gold
  • Reddit Gold is a premium Reddit membership. Gold used to cost $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year, and if you signed up for it back then, you're still considered a 'legacy subscriber.' Reddit premium, on the other hand, is now $5.99 a month for everyone else.
  • You can donate gold to other Reddit members with your premium account as a reward for good posting or simply because you like them. If you wanted to confuse an enemy, you could certainly offer it to them as well.
  • When someone makes a particularly smart or amusing post, the Reddit community has a long-standing custom of awarding gold as a means of saying 'excellent job.' Regardless of whether the topic matter is awful, touching, or hysterical, Reddit Gold is a great equaliser, granted in threads.
  • When it comes to receiving Gold, only the quality of your posting matters.

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