On which date, “International Friendship Day” is celebrated by the United Nations?

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The United Nations observes 'International Friendship Day' on Saturday, July 30.

Friendship Day is a day recognized in many countries to commemorate compassion. It was first promoted by the postcard profession; however, statistics from social networks indicate a resurgence of interest in the event, that may have arisen with the expansion of the web, particularly inIndia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Mobile phones, internet services, and social networks have all contributed to the custom's popularity. Those who support the holiday in South Asia believe that the custom of designating a day to friends began in the United States around 1935.

On which date, “International Friendship Day” is celebrated by the United Nations?

Friendship is another synonym for attachment, and actually, if most of your valued ones won't appreciate your 3 a.m. blowups, your best buddy will. When we can't see the bright side, our buddies join us in the gloom, seeing the agony in our face while everybody else accepts our smiles. While you might be wild with your best friends, they are also the ones that don't always require verbal communication to comprehend you, which is why friends are the best gift in life. Sometimes being with your closest friend is all the treatment you need, and Friendship Day is observed throughout the world to honor these friends who will always love you—the unconvincing you, the confused you, or the incorrectly you.