Why is Microsoft Edge not deleting?

Asked 22-Feb-2022
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Microsoft Edgeis the default online browser for Windows and is Microsoft's recommended web browser. Our default web browser is an essential component of our operating system that cannot be uninstalled since Windows supports programs that rely on the web platform. It keeps updating Microsoft Edge through the browser installer or Windows updates to ensure compatibility, compliance, accessibility, and performance for our users.
  • Users have complete control over importing personal data from other browsers with Microsoft Edge. Furthermore, Windows users can download and install various browsers at any time, as well as change their default browser.
  • You may get rid of it by going to the 'Settings' app on your Windows 10 computer. After that, go to 'Apps' and look for the Microsoft Edge version in the list. It will be uninstalled from your computer after you choose it and click the 'Uninstall' button.

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