What can I do in Microsoft Edge that I can't do in Chrome?

Asked 22-Feb-2022
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What can I do in Microsoft Edge that I cant do in Chrome

Microsoft and Google, as competitors, aren't known for allowing extended gaps between their products. They're almost neck and neck. You can use them for browsing secretly, accessing the web without interruption, and clearing your cache on both is straightforward.

  • If you're used to Google Chrome, the Microsoft Edge user experience will be very familiar to you (and vice versa). You can, for example, open many tabs in each window and save your favourite pages.
  • Tabs Chrome and Edge both arrange your tabs in a row at the top of your screen by default. Edge, on the other hand, allows you to switch to a row of vertical tabs on the page's left side.
  • Favorites and Bookmarks-Although Chrome refers to them as bookmarks and Edge refers to them as favourites, the notion is the same. You may save your favourite pages as bookmarks for later access. You can pin some of your favourites to the top bar and put others in a drop-down list in both browsers. You can create folders for your bookmarks or favourites.
  • Microsoft Edge has a feature called 'Collections' that allows you to organise connections into groups in a different way. Links, photos, and copied text can all be added to a collection. To your collection, you may also add notes.
  • Microsoft Edge is the only browser that has an immersive reader. It turns the current page into an ebook-like format with a clean style and no clutter. There isn't an immersive reader in Chrome. You can, however, use an extension to add it, as you do with most other features that Chrome lacks.

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