Why does Microsoft want you to use Edge instead of Chrome so badly?

Asked 22-Feb-2022
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Reason Microsoft want you to use Edge instead of Chrome so badly:

  • Tabs that run vertically-Microsoft Edge may arrange your browser tabs along the left side of the screen instead of on top with a single click. This will likely seem awkward at first, and you may chafe at the fact that it takes up no space above the address bar, but give it a few weeks and you may never want to go back.
  • Installing websites as applications is a good idea.-You'll notice an option to install the current site as an app on your desktop if you click the '...' menu button and pick 'Apps.' You may add the site to your Start menu and taskbar this way, and it will open in its own window without the normal menu clutter. This feature has completely transformed the way I use the internet, allowing me to rapidly access sites like Gmail and Notion without becoming lost in a sea of tabs.
  • Features that make reading easier-When you press F9 on any webpage, or click the page icon on the right side of the address bar, a reader mode appears, which removes adverts and allows you to customise the text. The 'Read Aloud' option, which may be accessed via the reader mode menu or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-U, turns text to speech on any webpage. You can change the reading pace and select from a variety of voices.

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