Why should you switch to the Microsoft Edge browser?

Asked 22-Feb-2022
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Yes you switch to the Microsoft Edge browser:

Why should you switch to the Microsoft Edge browser?

  • Microsoft Edge gives you more control over how your data is tracked while you're online. Basic, Balanced, and Strict levels of tracking prevention are available. You can select the option that best balances personalization and privacy for you.
  • Collections can help you organise your research.-You may easily collect material from numerous websites, organise it, export it to various files, or just come back to your research at a later time and continue up right where you left off with Collections. It can be tough to do this today, especially when working with a big number of different websites and devices.
  • Vertical tabs are a great way to get things done quickly.Vertical tabs are a feature that allows you to quickly locate and manage several open tabs. The only browser that allows you to manage your tabs on the side with a single click is Microsoft Edge.
  • Smart copy helps you save time.-Smart copy makes it easy to choose, copy, and paste specific content from the web while maintaining the rich web format. You can select any area or type of content with your pointer. When you paste, the formatting, including any images or links, will be preserved. It's something that seems so basic, but believe me when I say it'll change your life.

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