How do you troubleshoot common MacBook Wi-Fi problems?

Asked 18-Feb-2022
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Steps to  troubleshoot common MacBook Wi-Fi problems:

  • Look into Apple's software. Users who have updated their Macs to a new version of macOS have occasionally experienced Wi-Fi issues.
  • Check out Apple's Wi-Fi suggestions.-When your Mac tries to join to a Wi-Fi network, macOS runs a check to see if there are any problems. If any are found, the Wi-Fi status menu, which you can access by clicking on the Wi-Fi emblem at the top right of your screen, will display recommendations.
  • Check with your internet service provider.-If the issue is at the provider's end, there isn't much you can do but complain, which you should do immediately. Even if the network isn't down, the issue could be with the provider.
  • Restart your router if necessary.-You should turn your router off and on to see whether the issue is with your router. To power cycle your router, turn it off for roughly 30 seconds before plugging it in and turning it back on.
  • Restart your computer.-It's also a good idea to turn your Mac off and on again, just like the router.
  • Bluetooth should be turned off.-Disconnect Bluetooth and try again. This is a solution that has worked for some people in the past.
  • Forget about the internet.-Forcing your gadget to forget the network may be beneficial. Turn off Airport, then go to System Preferences > Network, pick Wi-Fi from the left-hand menu, then click Advanced. Choose the network you want to forget, then press (-) and agree to remove it.

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