Should I upgrade my old MacBook to Mac OS Catalina?

Asked 15-Feb-2022
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 upgrade Your old MacBook to Mac OS Catalina:

  • If you've upgraded to Mojave, your Mac should be able to run Catalina. If your Mac is older, you may want to wait until your hardware is updated before installing this OS.
  • While all of these PCs can run Catalina, some of them may have hardware constraints that prevent it from performing at its best. Even if the computer matches the technical requirements, factors like available RAM, graphics processors, and even hard disc size can cause poor performance. Several factors influence whether or not you're ready to switch to macOS Catalina.
  • Apple has sorted out the biggest bugs that may have existed in the initial release at this point. Catalina has also been enhanced with new and restored features that may make it even more appealing.
  • You're safe to upgrade in this regard. However, you should think about your computer and whether it can handle Catalina's technical requirements. If you're not sure, make a backup in case the new operating system causes your machine to slow down and you need to revert.

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