What is your review of macOS 10.15 Catalina?

Asked 15-Feb-2022
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  • The option to use your iPad as a second monitor or as a drawing device with the Apple Pencil is part of MacOS Catalina (much like a Wacom tablet). Catalina might persuade you to get an iPad if you don't currently have one.
  • Technically, dual-monitor support has been available for a long time via apps like Duet Display, but in my experience, the new native support provides greater performance. The wonderful thing about Sidecar, as this new feature is called, is that developers don't have to upgrade their apps to support it.
  • Sidecar is handy for a variety of tasks, like keeping Photoshop palettes on the iPad screen while using a MacBook as a work canvas and previewing presentation slides while working on them. Using Sidecar with the Apple Pencil offers up several additional possibilities, such as being able to sketch on the iPad using genuine desktop drawing tools like Adobe Illustrator instead of Adobe's fairly sterile iPad drawing apps.

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