What are common computer hardware problems with Macs?

Asked 15-Feb-2022
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 Common computer hardware problems with Macs:

  • App isn't responding-It's possible that a programme will cause your Mac to hang on occasion. When an app hangs, it locks you out and prevents you from doing anything, including quitting. Enter the command: Force Quit. The Force Quit menu can be accessed via the Apple icon in the upper-left corner or by pressing Command-Option-Escape.
  • Beach ball spinning-If you're starting to notice the spinning beach ball more frequently, it's time to investigate what's causing the lag. To see how much of an impact the programmes you're using are having on your system resources, open the Activity Monitor. You can check real-time statistics on how much CPU and RAM each app is consuming in the Activity Monitor window.
  • There is no access to the internet.- To tell it to ignore the network and reconnect as if it were brand-new, type in No Internet Connection.Click the Advanced button in the lower left corner of the Network tab in System Preferences to see a list of Preferred Networks. These are the Wi-Fi connections that your MacBook has remembered in the past for future usage.

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