Is auto blogging safe for AdSense-approved blogs?

Asked 14-Feb-2022
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No , auto blogging safe for AdSense-approved blogs:

  • No, it's expressly forbidden, therefore you didn't examine closely enough. Publishers must create original and relevant content that encourages consumers to come to their site first. Your site contains low-quality or shallow pages, according to Google.
  • There is no legal or secure method of Autoblogging. This practice is similar to thievery. It's fine if you have authorization from the site where you're generating material. It is not fair to do so without permission.
  • Autoblogging is the process of automatically creating and publishing blog posts on the internet using software or plugins. Many of these blogs make money through AdSense or Click bank, and many of them claim to be able to make thousands of dollars every month.
  • Autoblogging works by automatically downloading RSS feeds and posting them to your blog. Some go so far as to rearrange them to make the information appear unique and new. I'm here to tell you about a new type of auto blogging I've discovered.

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