How do I get AdSense approved on a coding blog?

Asked 14-Feb-2022
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 AdSense approved on a coding blog:

How do I get AdSense approved on a coding blog?

  • This is the most crucial and vital aspect. Your website must include high-quality, real material that you have created yourself.
  • There are four basic sorts of sources for website traffic, which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Direct Marketing (DM), Social Media Marketing (SSM), and Referral Marketing 
  • You must ensure that your website is fully operational and free of mistakes.
  • You may always open the developer tools F12 and inspect the console or network for any visible faults and report immediately to your developer or webmaster unless otherwise you are the developer, then you should be able to address the problems yourself and republish your website.
  • The response speed of the website must be quick. A general rule of thumb is that a loading time of less than 3 seconds is considered very quick.
  • This is really crucial nowadays, and it is actually required that your design be responsive and pleasant across all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

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